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The Cockatiel Cage

Cockatiels make such wonderful companions! It is often a misconception that domesticated birds are just some lifeless animals that sit in cages all day but anyone that knows a cockatiel knows that the reality is the total opposite! Sure, a great cockatiel cage is an important aspect of owning a bird but cockatiels are vibrant, active and athletic birds that enjoy a variety of fruits, nuts and vegetables (oh and did I mention seeds?).

The cockatiel cage is a website dedicated to our wonderful feathered friends! Here you will find Cockatiel Diet information, Information on other cockatiel topics such as: cockatiel breeding, cockatiel behavior, cockatiel health problems, cockatiel training and even information about baby cockatiels!

Please note that as with any animal related websites on the net if your animal is ill please consult a vet! No one can inspect your pet over the internet, and even with photos and a good description you don’t know if the person on the other end is really qualified!

Cockatiel Information


Native to Australia, Cockatiels are fast becoming one of the most popular choice amongst bird enthusiasts when it comes to choosing a domesticated bird! One of the best things about the cockatiel is the wide variety of colours and markings, whilst Adult males usually have a yellow face (distinguishing them from the females) they are also bred to be all white in colour.

These birds are loved for their well tempered nature and they can be very easy to train if you are prepared to be patient and spend the time getting to know your bird. Train your cockatiel correctly and you will have a fantastic friend! But beware, you may have to share your fruit, get wolf whistled at and have a friend over whenever you eat spaghetti…

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