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Cockatiel Health Problems

Signs of a Sick Cockatiel

It is never a fun, nor easy, experience for any pet owner to see their beloved animal come down with an illness. However, that is just a part of life and sometimes they will pull through it and survive and other times they won’t be so lucky. No animal is safe from getting sick, but you can always help them to stay fit by feeding them properly with nutritious food and giving them plenty of exercise. Cockatiels are no different than other animal in the bird kingdom, as they fall ill sometimes too. Here are some the signs to watch for and the possible cockatiel health problems they might be an indication of.

Some of the most common, initial signs that your bird might be suffering from cockatiel health problems include being cranky, not being as active as usual, taking naps more frequently that they normally would, feathers being fluffed up, not eating as much and a color or frequency difference in their droppings. If you notice that your bird is lighter or doesn’t look as big as it usually does, it could be an indication that they are not eating regularly and are losing weight. A lot of times when a bird gets sick, it becomes anorexic, as it refuses to eat or drink anything. Losing weight like this is never a good thing because if it loses 20 percent of its total body weight, it is likely the bird will not recover.

Other things you want to look for that likely indicate cockatiel health problems include dropping that are more watery than solid, droppings that are black, vomiting, wet or sticky looking feathers on their face, crustiness around their eyes or nostrils and eyes that are swelling up. You should also look for things like a bird that is increasingly blinking or squinting its eyes. If you notice any of these signs in your bird, do not hesitate to take them to a vet that specializes in treating birds. Sometimes bird owners will look things up online and think some of these are normal occurrences, but it is always to just assume they are sick and seek help anyways.

Some of the more common cockatiel health problems include things like polyoma, which is a viral infection that most often affects younger cockatiels. Psittacosis is another disease that is commonly seen in cockatiels. It is brought about by bacteria which can be transferred via feather dust, droppings and nasal discharge.

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