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Cockatiel Sounds

Cockatiel ownership simply wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t get to enjoy all the different sounds they make! Even if you forget for a moment that Cockatiels can remember songs and talk, the amount of various sounds your little bird can make will really astound you! From screeches to sweet chirping the vast repertoire of tunes these magnificent birds can recite should be enough to send them to the top of the pet list for most people! One day Cockatiels will rule over those dogs and cats…one day… Like most birds the males tend to be more vocal and will whistle and sing where as the females tend to be a little more screechy. This screechy trait is actually used as part of sexing a cockatiel.

Cockatiel sounds Talking – One of the coolest aspects of a cockatiel is their ability to talk! Depending on your cockatiel and how much time you dedicate to training your bird could actually learn to talk! They aren’t the best talkers when compared to budgies/parakeets for example but some can be real little chatter boxes!

"Pretty bird...pretty bird...pretty bird" – This DJ cockatiel seems to be stuck!

Cockatiel Sounds Screeching – Ah the screech! "cover your ears, protect yourselves, Charlie is going off his rocker again!" When cockatiels get excited or confrontational (or cranky) they can screech. Screeching is by far the least pleasant of the cockatiel sounds, at least in my opinion. As mentioned earlier females tend to screech more than male cockatiels but both are capable of a good screech sometimes.

These 2 cockatiels sing very loudly and even have a bit of a peck at each other!

Cockatiel Sounds Whistling – Ah the sweet serenade of a cockatiel whistle. So much nicer than the screeching above! Did you know that you can teach your cockatiel songs? Cockatiels can remember complex melodies and many different pitches and tones! The more time you spend whistling to your cockatiel the more tunes they will learn and the better the whistler they will become!

Here is Rocky, the 6 year old Cockatiel, sharing his own song with us

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